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The primary goals of this company are to 1) meet or exceed client expectations, 2) in a cost effective manner that, 3) complies with all internal/external requirements.

The following objectives support the fulfillment of our goals:

  • Client Satisfaction:  We will identify our clients' needs, requirements, and expectations, so we can set clear targets and measure our achievement against these expectations and pinpoint specifics to ensure that services provided stay tailored to clients' individual needs.

  • Employee Excellence:   Provide a system that supports employee excellence so that their work is performed to the highest professional standard.  All employees will be supporting with appropriate resources, communication systems, and training in their responsibilities, industry requirements, and client satisfaction.  We cultivate employee engagement.

  • Cost Effectiveness:  Our client orientation means that we should concentrate resources on the achievement of their expectations.  The focus of our continuous improvement programs will be the elimination of cost that does not add client value or toward meeting our internal business objectives.

  • Profitability:  Profit is necessary to meet business objective and future client expectations.

  • Compliance:  We will identify, comply, and stay current will government regulations at the local, state, and federal level.  We will also conform internally to compliance requirements and direct our internal compliance towards strict auditing standards.

Agency Goals: